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Our Mission is to help emerging artists to make themselves known and sell their created works of art.

Sell your works of art Online with us, enjoy all our services and take advantage of the lowest sales commissions on the market.

What we offer you:

- Free account

- Sales commissions 35%

- Sales management

- No contract

- Account synchronized with your Facebook page

- Authenticity certificate

- Stop when you want

- Secure payments

- Worldwide visibility

How does it work:

- The buyer pays Painters Art

- The seller sends the works of art

- The buyer certifies the arrival of the work

- Art painters pay the seller

 Art Painters A large audience for your Art

Maximize your potential to take orders giving your works of art worldwide visibility.

Art Painters is in English and hosts visitors from all over the world.

The traffic of the website is made up of passionate customers and interested in art.

Improve your visibility by sending us only high-resolution photos of your Works and we optimize them to be seen and shared as much as possible on all social networks. Art Painters and fully integrated with the main social networks.

  • General Rules and Conditions:

  • Anyone wishing to use this Service must abide by these Terms and Conditions of Painters Art Marketplace without reservations or conditions, a declaration of will that is expressed when the artist Selling inserts the publication.

    The products advertised and sold on the Art Painters Marketplace are the sole responsibility of the Sellers, in particular with regard to their property, quality, safety, origin, guarantee and compliance with applicable legislation. If the seller intends to sell the same works on his website or social network, the Seller undertakes to place the same public sale value defined in the Painters Marketplace Art.

    In case of non-compliance with the exclusive right referred to in the previous one, Pittori Art has the right to immediately cancel the registration of the Seller.

    Pittori Art reserves the right to apply discounts on certain events as a marketing strategy (eg Black Friday, Christmas, Father's Day, Mother's Day, etc.). These discounts apply to works for sale. If the Seller does not accept the Discount Policy, Pittori Art reserves the right to hide and / or delete its products for the duration of the campaign.

    In the event that a Buyer, during a "Flash Sale" campaign, purchases a selected work, the Seller undertakes, without any reservation, to participate in this campaign.

  • Obligations relating to product offers:

  • The Seller undertakes and warrants that it will only sell the Products that it owns or to which it has rights that allow it to sell them.

    The Seller warrants that the Products do not violate either the law in force or the applicable regulations and that they do not affect the rights of third parties. Consequently, the Seller undertakes, in particular, not to sell any Product that constitutes an illegal work pursuant to the Code on copyright and related rights or any Product whose marketing is governed by laws, regulations or contractual provisions. .

    The Seller is solely responsible for the offer of the Products offered for sale in the Service.

    The Seller undertakes to act in good faith in the description associated with the Product offers offered on the Painters Art website.

    The Seller is solely responsible for the accuracy of the information contained in said description and undertakes not to create the risk of misleading potential Buyers, both as regards the characteristics of the Product and as regards its condition. With regard to second-hand Paint-Products in particular, the Seller is required to provide an accurate description of the condition of the Product.

    The Seller communicates all information that makes it possible to become aware of the essential characteristics of the Product (if any, composition of the Product, accessories included, origin, etc.).

  • Obligations relating to the prices of the Products:

  • The price of the Products is freely defined by the Seller.

    The Seller undertakes to place the values ​​of the parts taking into account their real market value, otherwise we reserve the right not to approve the product.

    The price must be indicated on the platform in Dollars including all taxes, fees and also shipping costs.

  •  Obligations relating to the delivery of the Products:

  • After receiving the order, the Seller undertakes to pack and ship the Product no later than 3 days.

    The Seller is required to comply with the applicable legislation, and precisely with the tax legislation, relating to the commercial transaction of purchase and sale of the Product, assuming the sole responsibility for its observance.

    The Seller undertakes to pack the ordered Products, following the company manual, in order to prevent the Products from being damaged during transport.

    If the shipping deadline is exceeded without the Seller proceeding with the relative shipment, the order will be canceled and the Buyer informed by e-mail.-

    • Financial provisions:

    For each order of Products received by a Buyer, the Company will charge the Seller an amount as a percentage of 35% plus VAT at the rate in force.

    The Company will pay the Seller the amount stipulated by the Seller on the Product page, deducting the amount referred to in the previous number, upon confirmation by the Buyer of the receipt of the purchased Product (s).

    Payment will be made by bank transfer to the current account whose details have been indicated by the Seller.

    In the absence of confirmation of receipt of the product by the Buyer and in the absence of a complaint from the Buyer brought to the attention of the Seller, it is assumed that the Product has been received and the transfer will be made in favor of the Seller after 15 (fifteen) days from the date of confirmation of receipt of the Product by the Buyer.

    In the event of a Buyer's complaint, the Buyer's request will be evaluated and, if justified, can refund the Buyer the amount of the ordered Product.

  • Disclaimer:

  • Neither the Company, nor its representatives, workers or collaborators can be held responsible for errors relating to the description, authenticity or authenticity of any product, except in the case of gross errors of which they could not have been aware.

    If the Company is sued for negligence not attributable to it, the Seller undertakes to assume the same and also, to reimburse the Company all the sums it has spent for this purpose. 

  •  Warranty :

  • The warranty for Art Marketplace Painters products is the sole responsibility of the respective Marketplace sellers.

  • Responsibility :

  • The Company is not responsible for the defective use of the Painters Art Marketplace by the user or for any error on his part in the purchase process, nor for facts attributable to third parties.

    The contents and information are the sole responsibility of the Sellers.

  •  Intellectual property :

  • All contents and information contained in the Painters Art Marketplace, i.e. texts, logos, illustrations and images are protected by copyright and related rights as well as by intellectual property, for the entire duration of the protection of these rights and for the world. entire.

    Therefore, and in accordance with the provisions of the Code of copyright and related rights, only private use is authorized, always unless different and possibly more restrictive provisions contained in the same Code.

    Any reproduction or total or partial representation of the Painters Art Marketplace and / or all or part of the elements present on the Painters Art Marketplace is strictly prohibited.

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